New Name... NOT New Owners...

Dustan and Ashley Jones purchased McKale's Restaurant, and the commercial real estate building, in April of 2016. They invested heavily in the necessary changes, hired and trained an amazing team, and worked tirelessly (we're talking 90-100 hours per week!) to clean, fix and create the incredible place we are now.

In June of 2018, McKale's Restaurant became MJ's Grub House. The name change has been an exciting adventure for all of us!


MJ? So, where does that come from? Funny you should ask! Ok, we were gonna tell ya anyhow. 

Ashley has long been known as "Momma J"... we shortened it... and now we have MJ! Simple as that.


We are family owned and operated; even the kids help out. Due to health and personal reasons, Dustan no longer works on site; however we have a talented kitchen manager on staff who now runs the kitchen, while Ashley works up front most days with our customers and handles the business side of the Restaurant, Catering & Commercial Real Estate.

We're always around... stop in and say HI!


We have an amazing team here at MJ's

we'd love to meet you!

‚ÄčWe are currently accepting applications for a second-hand line cook.


Friday: 8am-8pm
Saturday: 7am-8pm

Sunday: 8am-2pm
Monday: 8am-2pm
Tuesday: 8am-2pm
Wednesday: 8am-2pm

Thursday: 8am-2pm

Call us:

(320) 354-7331

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